Sunday, 15 January 2012

Introducing Ellie

This is Ellie, she was born 27th May 2010 and came to live with us on August 4th that year, she has turned our world upside down and we all can’t really believe how much we all adore her – My son started Uni in September 2010 and before that spent 6 months in Australia so I was suffering Empty Nest Syndrome v.badly. My daughter has always wanted a dog but we had a very old cat who would not of tolerated a dog and as she was poorly until she went to cat heaven there was no way we could put her though the trauma so when she passed in 2009 within a few months my daughter started asking (begging) for a dog, however we couldn’t decide on a breed, I wanted a yorkie, hubby wanted a Jack Russell and daughter wanted anything with four legs that barked. So the searching started and daughters birthday came and we said she could choose, within 3 days Ellie was living with us.

She totally rules our lives and we adore it, she is very spoilt but very well behaved and we have comments from other dog owners on how well behaved she is, our lives now revolve around 2 teenagers and Ellie, oh and the cats when they can get a word in hehe

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