Thursday, 21 January 2010

Well wasn't that a rubbish attempt at a BLOG

Hello If there is anyone still there - I Know lots of you have been busy keeping your lovely blogs updated and coming up with wonderful crafty creations, as I have been a silent stalker and still visiting the blogs i adore - I haven't been idle I did have a break from crafting as i had just been to unwell and couldn't keep up with anything, but I have made the odd card for relatives and friends, and managed to do all my Christmas cards and even sell a few so blogging didn't happen - so why am I here well 2 reasons really The first is to say I think I might give bloging another go, now i have a bit more time and less commitments so continue to watch this space....
And Over at Tales From PollyCraft there is two new fab digi designs due for release and they are in need of naming so hop on over and take a peek and while your there check out the friday freebies that Paula so kindly gives away each week, They are soooo lush... lol Don't you just adore Gavin and Stacey, what a shame it was the last ever episode, lets keep our fingers crossed that they change their mind! Oh nearly forgot Paula is offering a prize to the person who's names she likes best so check it out!


  1. Hi Lou, Good to see you..I understand things sometimes get crazy.. Hope to see some of your creations soon..
    Hugs, Linda

  2. It's not the end of the world Lou lol we still luv you :)
    Von xxx

  3. Hi Lou..good to see you back.

    Sue x


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