Tuesday, 27 January 2009

First Post

Hi - Well this feels a bit strange not sure what to say so i guess i will just welcome you all and tell you a little about why HandMade By Lou-Lou well Lou Lou is the name that all the youngsters in the family call me and Handmade well because i am hoping to show you all the things handmade by me - lol simple really
The main reason i created a blog was to keep track of the blogs i read really and i am hoping that you lot will give me the help and encouragement and points in the right direction with my crafting so all comments welcomed.
To start the blog i thought i would show you some past projects i have made so you get the idea of what sort of things i like I am not perfect (far from it) but I enjoy what i do and as i said keeps me sane (ish) hehe

So as you can see a little bit of everything from Cross stitched cards to iris folding stamped and decoupage I am just branching out into stamping and think I am getting a little addicted I find it quite difficult and i haven't even started using stamps for backgrounds anywayhere is my first post hopefully you will come back and visit


  1. Hi Lou, Welcome to blogging, I hope you enjoy it. Great job on the cards. I like them all and you'll be addicted to stamps in no time LOL

  2. Hello Lou,
    So great to see you here!
    Wonderful creations! Your cross stitch is just amazing!
    That's it now you are going to become an addicted blogger I hope you know that. You must definitely join in with the challenges so that everyone can see you fabulous cards!
    Have fun!
    kim x

  3. Hello Lou :)You kept this quiet lol but them so do I
    Von xxx


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